Hand in hand with the best brands on the market, we will help you to know the needs of your skin and we will recommend an easy routine that best suits your needs and objectives (hydration, luminosity, texture ...)

Nutrition & Diet

Our nutrition service designs a personalised dietary guideline for each patient, adapted to your routine and helps you incorporate it naturally and easily into your day-to-day life.


At Óptica Nueva we offer you the service of review, graduation and recommendation of the visual system.

We have a wide catalog of prescription and sunglasses brands, among which you will surely find the one that best suits your face and taste.


Our team of orthopedists helps you in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, recommending the appropriate orthopedic aids such as walking supports, treatment of circulatory and postural pain or assistance to pilgrims who visit us.

Child care

We advise families in everything that the smallest of the house need, as well as in general any need derived from motherhood.

We have the best baby food products, we can advise you on the care of children's skin and we attend to any doubts that may arise about breastfeeding, postpartum treatments and pelvic floor care.

Customer care

Customer care is the service par excellence of Farmacia Nueva.

We accompany patients in their treatments, helping them to comply with the guidelines, solving doubts and being alert to possible problems that may arise.

Master Formulation

Maintaining the origins of our profession, we offer the magisterial formulation service through which our pharmaceutical companies make the formulas prescribed to patients in the laboratory, guaranteeing compliance with safety and quality requirements.